Read Your Weeds!!

Weeds are indicators of your soil condition….they are a symptom, not the problem itself!   If we pay attention, we can know how our soil is suffering and remedy the problem, with different mechanical practices and/or soil amending. 

We dont HAVE to spray them!

We at Second Nature support Soil- Building beneath lawns….ask us for more information!


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Terraced Wall Planting Scheme

Terraced Wall Planting, Hillsboro, OR
Beautiful dry-stacked wall built by Classic Gardens, Hillsboro, OR

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Secluded Fire Pit location…peaceful, Bamboo rustling in the breeze, moon view on a clear summer night…..

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Hein Gardens, Portland, OR
Fire Pit/Seating Area  Landscape Installation by Terra Sol Landscapes




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Why responsible lawn care is so crucial to our health! Please read!

New studies have proven that “the old way” of applying pesticides, certain kinds of fertilizers are not good for us or our soils. We need to be thinking about supporting soil, in our planting beds and beneath our lawns. It is just a change in habits. Check it out….



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