For many years now, we have gotten accustomed to doing the quick and easy thing with our lawns.  To achieve instant results, we apply lots of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides in heavy doses, to make our lawns green, weed free and grow like crazy.

The problem is, we are only pumping the grass plants up with chemicals to make it appear it is thriving.

Isn’t that what we have all been taught…..that we need a pristine, green and perfect lawn? A trip to the lawn care aisle can show you just how convenient lawn care has become.

The cost of this sort of practice is that the soil is no longer alive with the good things that the grass plants needs…the worms are gone, the healthy bacteria and biota are all disrupted.  SOME chemicals require MORE chemicals, and pretty soon you have created a circle of chemical use that is proving to not be good and healthy for our plants, our pets, nor for us!

 Feed the soil, not the plants.  Create a healthy and sustainable soil circle that can take care of itself, with little to no artificial help!

Treating your soil like you care about it can create alot of long lasting, money saving results. Yes, it does take time and patience….Mother Nature teaches us that!

Ask us at SECOND NATURE about switching to a program that is Soil Building rather than Soil Depleting.  It is a process, mind you, not a “quick-fix”.  It takes some extra energy in the beginning, but most components can be reduced or excluded once your lawn soil is healthy.

Included are practices such as:

    • Aeration and Composting the lawn (Compacted clay soil needs air and good tilth!)
    • Leaving Grass Clippings on the lawn when mowing (lawn clippings left on the lawn can provide up to 25% of the annual Nitrogen required – at no cost to you!)
    • Utilizing lower Nitrogen Fertilizers (no fast growth spurts…consistent, steady growth in stead!)
    • Liming as needed  (pH needs to be in range for the soil to be happy and operational) High Nitrogen also creates a more acidic soil, and chases away the worms!
    • Soil Testing  (a “soil physical exam” of sorts)
    • Applying products that feed and encourage soil life if needed (soil snacks)
    • Spot-spraying weeds (responsible practice)
      or hand removing
    • Reseeding for thick lawn growth…a thick healthy lawn leaves no room for opportunistic weeds to grow
    • Relaxing our expectations of how our lawns should look.  Are a few weeds okay?  Does the lawn REALLY have to look perfect green at all times?  Is having some clover in our lawns acceptable?

Excessive drainage issues and environmental issues (like, for example, lawn growing in deep shade, or more than 50% existing lawn weeds) need resolve prior to tackling this sort of thing.  The foundation has to be conducive to creating great results.  Sometimes, it only makes sense to “start over” with good amended soil, grass seed or sod.

CONTACT ME HERE for more information.

I will post some really great articles on this topic soon. I am passionate about taking care of the earth…”at the Grass Roots Level!!!”



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